astringent agent

astringent agent
вяжущий компонент

English-Russian perfumery & beauty care dictionary. 2014.

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  • astringent — 1. Causing contraction or shrinkage of the tissues, arrest of secretion, or control of bleeding. 2. An agent having these effects. [L. astringens] * * * as·trin·gent ə strin jənt adj having the property of causing contraction of soft organic… …   Medical dictionary

  • astringent — I. adjective Etymology: probably from Middle French, from Latin astringent , astringens, present participle of astringere to bind fast, from ad + stringere to bind tight more at strain Date: 1541 1. causing contraction of soft organic tissues ;… …   New Collegiate Dictionary

  • astringent — /əˈstrɪndʒənt / (say uh strinjuhnt) adjective 1. (as affecting the skin) refreshing, tightening, drying: an astringent after shave lotion. 2. severe, sharp, austere: an astringent style. 3. (of tastes) unpleasantly dry, hard (in wines, from the… …  

  • astringent —    An agent that causes the constriction of tissues, usually applied topically to stop bleeding, secretions, and surface inflammation and distension. Some, such as gallotannins, may actually bind with and tan the surface layer of skin or mucosa.… …   Herbal-medical glossary

  • styptic — 1. Having an astringent or hemostatic effect. 2. An astringent agent used topically to stop bleeding. SYN: hemostyptic. [G. styptikos, astringent] * * * styp·tic stip tik adj tending to check bleeding <the styptic effect of c …   Medical dictionary

  • lotion — A class of pharmacopeial preparations that are liquid suspensions or dispersions intended for external application; some consist of finely powdered, insoluble solids held in more or less permanent suspension by suspending agents or surface active …   Medical dictionary

  • aluminum — A white silvery metal of very light weight; atomic no. 13, atomic wt. 26.981539. Many salts and compounds are used in medicine and dentistry. [L. alumen, alum] a. acetate used as a disinfectant by embalmers; proposed as …   Medical dictionary

  • Tannin — For other uses, see Tannin (demon). Tannic acid …   Wikipedia

  • Zinc — A mineral essential to the body, zinc is a constituent of many enzymes that permit chemical reactions to proceed at normal rates. It is involved in the manufacture of protein (protein synthesis) and in cell division. Zinc is also a constituent of …   Medical dictionary

  • apocrustic — 1. Astringent and repellent. 2. An agent with such action. [G. apokroustikos, able to beat off, fr. apo, off, + krouo, to strike] * * * ap·o·crus·tic (ap″o krusґtik) 1. astringent and repellent. 2. an astringent and repellent agent …   Medical dictionary

  • ferric chloride — An astringent and styptic. * * * ferric chloride n a deliquescent salt FeCl3 that is used chiefly as an oxidizing agent, as a catalyst, as an etching agent in photoengraving, as a coagulant in treating industrial wastes, and in medicine in a… …   Medical dictionary

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